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Advanced ACO Training-June 23-24, 2016

  • 23 Jun 2016
  • 24 Jun 2016
  • Grand Prairie, Texas

Attention Animal Control and Welfare Staff, 


The Texas Animal Control Training Institute of Certification & Licensing (TACTICAL) is excited to be offering an Advanced ACO training course on June 23-24, 2016 at Grand Prairie Animal Services.  Take that next step in your evolution as an ACO to better your career and become more valuable to the agency, community and animals you serve. 


The course has been approved by the Texas Department of State Health Services.  The course is $125.00/person and TACTICAL accepts Cash, Credit Cards ($5 additional convenience charge) or Checks. (Checks made payable to Keane Menefee and mailed to 10712 Ambling Trail, Fort Worth, Texas 76108) 


Attendees will earn 14 CE hours toward their state mandated 30 hours of continuing education credit hours every 3-years.  To register please visit www.Pet-Tactical.org and click on the Courses tab and fill out the course registration form to register.  The course agenda with times and locations is attached to this email. If you are interested in attending please register at www.Pet-Tactical.org or email questions to me atKMenefee@msn.com  to reserve a spot in the class.  Hurry space is limited and will not last long.......

40 Vacant Seats Remain!

14 CE Hours!!!

Advanced Training for Animal Control Offices Agenda:


Advanced Animal Control Officer Section

·        Animal Control Disaster Preparedness


·        Moving Up in Animal Control

o   Resume Creation

o   Interviewing

o   Promoting


·        Animal Cruelty

o   Passive

o   Active

o   Hoarding

o   Animal Cruelty/Domestic Violence

o   Blood Sports

o   State Laws

o   Use of Local Ordinances


·        City Ordinances

o   Evaluation of Current Ordinance

o   Ordinance Research & Development

o   Working w/ Legal

o   Public Process

o   Implementation

o   Progressive Ordinances


·        Records & Statistics

o   What’s Important to Measure and How

o   Asilomar Accords

o   Open Records

o   Computers in the Shelter & Vehicles- Effective Use


·        Customer Service

o   Today’s Expectations

o   Balancing Enforcement w/ Customer Service

o   Measuring Your Attitude

o   Enemies/Allies?

§  Rescue Groups

§  No Kill Advocates

§  Volunteers

§  Vocal Citizens

§  Advisory Board


·        License/Microchip Programs

o   State Laws

o   Progressive Programs

o   Vendors


·        Humane Educational Programs

o   Responsible Pet Ownership Training

o   Court Mandated Trainings

o   Schools/Public Meetings/Other Groups


·        Dangerous Dog

o   State Laws

o   Progressive Ordinances

o   Sheltering Challenges

o   Legal Processes


·        Texas Wildlife Challenges

o   Coyotes

o   Feral Hogs

o   Alligators

o   Deer

o   Egrets and Other Birds

o   Federal & State Laws


·        ACO Equipment Safety & Use

o   Restraint Pole

o   Tranquilizer Projectile

o   Net Gun

o   Bite Stick

o   State Laws


Advanced Understanding of Specific State of Texas Laws Pertaining to Animals

·        Health & Safety Codes & Administrative Codes

o   Treatment and Disposition of Animals - Chapter 821 – Texas Health and Safety Code

§  Standards For Allowable Methods of Euthanasia For Animals In The Custody of an Animal Shelter - Chapter 169 – Texas Administrative Code


o   Regulation of Animals - Chapter 822 – Texas Health and Safety Code


o   Animal Shelters - Chapter 823 - Texas Health and Safety Code


o   Rabies - Chapter 826 – Texas Health and Safety Code

§  Rabies Control and Eradication - Chapter 169, Subchapter A, – Texas Administrative Code


·        Texas Penal Codes

o   Cruelty to Livestock Animals (42.09)

o   Attack on Assistance Animal (42.091)

o   Cruelty to Nonlivestock Animals (42.092)

o   Dog Fighting (42.10) – Chapter 42 –Texas Penal Code


·        Texas Parks and Wildlife Codes

o   Game and Non–game Animals – Chapter 63 – Texas Parks and Wildlife Code

o   Non-indigenous Snake Permit (43.851) – Chapter 43 – Texas Parks and Wildlife Code

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